At Kansas Against Drunk Driving Organization, we do more than just educate and run informational campaigns. We also help to connect those struggling from alcohol addicted to the treatment that they need. Alcoholics are more likely than their peers to be involved in an alcohol-related fatality or accident. This is because alcoholics often drink throughout the day in order to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay, which results in them being under the influence while behind the wheel more often that people who are not alcoholics.

Medically Assisted Detox

We offer medically assisted detox for those who are physically dependent on alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to withdrawal from when a person has become physically dependent. The withdrawal from alcohol detox can often be life-threatening, and without the proper medical assistance can include things like seizures, psychosis, and extreme violence. Our medically trained staff specialize in getting people through these symptoms and reducing the symptoms to make the experience safer and more comfortable for all involved.

Group Therapy

For those who complete detox and want to take extra precautions to increase their chances of maintaining their sobriety, we offer additional support in the form of professionally facilitated group therapy sessions. Group therapy sessions are very helpful for those who are new to the journey of recovery. They offer a sense of community and allow the individual in recovery to access the support that they need in order to make it on their journey. All of our group meetings are facilitated by professional counselors and are conducted in a way that allows each person to feel welcome and supported.

Individual Counseling

We also offer one on one counseling for those who wish to have extra support in a more personalized setting. Group counseling can sometimes seem intimidating to those who are fresh out of detox. Individual counseling can be a great option for those who are comfortable sharing their experiences in a group setting. An added advantage to individual counseling is that the person in recovery can develop a personalized recovery plan, and spend one on one time with their counselor really working on and getting to the bottom of the issues that contributed to their issues with addiction.


We accept most health insurance, but in the event that your insurance does not offer coverage, we likely have a payment plan that will make the treatment you need accessible.