What is Blood Alcohol Content?

Blood Alcohol Content, commonly abbreviated as BAC, refers to the amount of alcohol that is circulating in a person’s bloodstream at any given moment after they have consumed alcohol.

What Level of Blood Alcohol Content Means I Legally Can’t Drive?

The nationally recognized level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.08. If it is determined that you have more than this amount of alcohol in your bloodstream, you legally cannot drive.

How is Blood Alcohol Content Measured?

The amount of alcohol in your blood can be measured by a test known as a breathalyzer test. This test determines the blood alcohol content based on the amount of alcohol being processed out of the body through the breath. Blood Alcohol Content can also be measured through a blood test.

Can I Lose My License if I get a DWI

Yes, if you end up getting pulled over and it is determined that you are driving under the influence of alcohol, it is possible that you will have your license suspended. How long your license is suspended depends on the unique case of the individual.  Sometimes it is mandated that the offender take a mandated class about the dangers of drunk driving before they are allowed to be on the roads again. Sometimes, a person that is arrested for drunk driving will be granted a conditional license, where they are allowed to drive to and from work but nowhere else.

What will Happen if I drive With a Suspended License?

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving and it is determined that your license is going to be revoked, you will face serious consequences if you are caught violating this decision. You may be faced with prison or jail time. You may also face hefty fines.