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How to map a network drive in windows 10?

You might have been searching for an easy to use and map network drives from your pc and view the shared files easily and transfer data from accessing it easily. We have been sharing a few steps that will guide you to map network drives in windows 10 with an easy to follow steps, these steps will help you to view all the shared files and transfer data into drives by providing an easy access to all your connected drives.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Open file explorer.
  2. Move to THIS PC in File explorer.
  3. Move your cursor to computer and click Map network Drive in its options:

Map network drive

By clicking over the Map network Drive will open up a new window.

add network drive

Folder: from here you can navigate easily to the destined  folder.

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  1. Browse the options by clicking over the options.


According to your connected and shared network drives you will have an view of listed network drives to your Pc and can easily access them and click finish.

These are the simple steps to be followed to easily access the network drives from your pc and share your data by an auto sign-in as well. With an confirmation of the selected drive you can access it from your pc by clicking over the finish button, adding these drives into the file explorer will provide you an easy access. These drives will be connected automatically when you sign-in and comes under the network drives in this pc.